Takeover Someone’s Lease

How does it work?

To takeover a lease:

  • Look through our vehicle listings or contact us directly to let us know what you are looking for
  • We'll connect you with the seller looking to get out of their lease
  • You drive away in a great vehicle!

Just the Facts:

If you have looked at leasing a new vehicle, you have probably discovered the out-of-pocket costs to get the payment that you want. With Aada Lease Exchange Network you will see that many times the current lessee has already put that money down and that savings is passed on to you.

Short term leasing is the way of the future. It gives you the opportunity to try a vehicle for 6 months or a year or two rather than being locked in for a longer term. You save on money down, you lease for a shorter term, and you may gain a stellar buyout. It certainly is a win, win, win situation!

Our mission is to make the online lease exchange process a great experience for both parties. Whether you wish to leave a lease or wish to enter one; our professionals will help you through the process.