Reviews & Testimonials

For more than 35 years we’ve been serving Ottawa drivers with pride!

I wanted to thank you for all your help and kindness during this past couple of weeks! You really did make this most painless and I appreciate your genuine concern. Please extend my thanks to you very personable receptionist. She is a real gem. – MM

Thanks, Mike, for your help in sub-leasing my car,   AADA Lease Exchange fills a need that is not well serviced in the market.  If you want to sell a car, there’s lots of options but to sub-lease I don’t know of any better way to go that to list it on your website.  The fact that you are local is extremely useful.   Also, Mike Kean is top notch as far as servicing is concerned. – GA, A Satisfied Customer

…wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services, thanks Mike. – TB

I think you guys do a great job with your site. I have used Leasebusters a few times – but I prefer your site much more. – DS

My friend, all jokes aside, you have done a superb job and it has been a pleasure dealing with you – there are not to many times where I can say as a customer it has been a pleasure working with someone. – TY

I wanted to take an opportunity to drop you a line to inform you of my recent experience with Mike Kean and your lease exchange network. I am not normally one who goes out of their way to write letters of praise or recognition but after this experience I felt obligated to.

I recently had the pleasure of listing my 350z Roadster with Mr. Mike Kean. The constant professional, Mike has gone the extra mile on the Customer Service side of things and has been a true pleasure to deal with. My experience with Mike and this constant professionalism, combined with his commitment to Customer Service excellence is the reason why I will recommend this service to all friends, colleagues and family… –  TE

… You know, I had heard about companies who were able to help you end a car lease early for a price but I was a bit skeptical about it at first. I had tried putting my own ads in different places but nothing had worked. By the time my fiancé heard the AADA ad on CFRA I thought to myself, “Their guarantee sounds good enough; and if they can do it, it will be worth the price”.

Not 2 hours after I put in my profile online did you call me and I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly you were and how easy you made the whole process for me. I really had no idea where to begin going through the whole process and you took care of everything for me. You even gave me good advice when I needed to decide on whether someone would be good enough to take my vehicle (I didn’t want to give it up to just anybody) and you found the right people for me in such a short period of time!

Once the people came to see my car, you kept in contact with me the whole time, making sure things were running smoothly, even making courtesy calls to make sure the process wasn’t being held up. I really can’t find the proper words to say how much I appreciate the work you did for me and how friendly you were… you made it all so easy and so quick too!

… One thousand times over, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You truly saved me. – MB

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and diligent service you provided throughout the process. My car was taken off my hands in a very timely fashion with no hiccups along the way. I would certainly recommend AADA Lease Exchange to any of my colleagues and/or friends and family. –  AM

I thank you for the great service and for your upbeat personality. People like you, with a positive, cheerful outlook are a valuable asset. … It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you … –  LD

Your work was just excellent, I am satisfied. Although at the beginning I was a bit nervous about paying over $300 and not getting a lease taker before my deadline, I finally found that your assistance did make it worth the money – better than leasebuster. And I think you spoke for me and made the deal a lot easier for both the buyer and myself. I truly appreciate it. –  E

I need to thank you for your help in getting my truck transferred.  It was easier than I thought especially since this was my first time ever trying to get out of a lease.  The process was painless and simple and dealing with the new Leasee was an absolute pleasure.  Glad for the service and glad for the help. –  D

Mike, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help with the lease on my car. Your company offers a valuable service to the Ottawa area and I would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to anyone. –  GH

I thought I was stuck with my lease for the full 4 years but AAADA leasing’s lease exchange network helped me find someone to take over my lease. They were very friendly and understanding. They dealt with the calls from the public and I was able to reach my representative very easily to ask how things were going and whether I had received inquiries. I was very happy with the service I received from Aada and I highly recommend it if you are in a lease and need out. It was much less hassle than advertising yourself and I was surprised how easy it is for someone to take over a lease. –  KH

… thank you for everything, I am quite impressed by the level of service you put into this, and the service is excellent. … I really got a good deal from AADA for this service, and your professionalism and attention were very gratifying. –  PR

Just to let you know I have the truck! Picked it up last night. It was so easy and I didn’t even have to take time off work. You offer a great service and I am really pleased with the whole procedure. –  MLM

Thank you very much for all your help. The transfer of our lease has gone through without a hitch. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your company. You have been helpful, honest and very professional. I will recommend your company to my customers and anyone who asks. –  Thank you, MC

Thank you for all your assistance with getting my car lease listed and transferred. I didn’t expect it to go quite so fast, having it only listed for one week, but it is a testimony to your service.

What impressed me the most about you, is that you didn’t build up any unrealiastic expectations on my part. You were honest about the prospects for my car, and at no time did I fear that I had signed on to something that was just going to cost me money with no result. I liked the idea that the cars are available on your website and people don’t hassle those who have listed with unnecessary calls – you look after those!

Thank you so much for your integrity – it is a quality we need to see promoted more in business – especially the business of purchasing vehicles. When you’ve been burned a couple of times, you tend to be skeptical, which I was, until I investigated what you do at AADA and then I was able to go ahead with confidence. I have no trouble whatsoever recommending you to others. –  Best regards, JEK

I want to thank Mike for his patience, professionalism, and good sense of humor throughout this process. He possesses the perfect personality for this position and is easy to work with. … I will surely recommend the AADA Lease Exchange Network program to anybody I know that is looking to experience the same, excellent service.  Regards, RM

This has been a delightful process which I would never have considered if your staff member Mike had not been so encouraging. What a TREAT!!! Painless, and I am still wondering how come it was so easy??? I truly am impressed and have been telling everyone of the experience. It’s mind bongling! How do you do it???? Thank you so much. This was the first time I have experienced this approach to leasing a car, but not my first time leasing…. I prefer this way! – With warm regards, KC

Just a little note to say thank you for the great service I received, from the 1st initial e-mail to the last telephone call. It was a pleasure working with you to find a “leaser” for my vehicle. Your encouragement was well worth the wait. As you already know, I have shared your web site address with my friends and collegues and would not hesitate one minute to recommend your service. Good luck ! – NP

Just a quick response to let you know about my satisfaction in dealing with you and to thank you for providing the Lease Exchange which enabled me to replace both of our cars in the last few weeks.

My family and I think that this is a great way to get a quality used car, try it for a while under a lease, purchase it outright when the lease is expired or return it to the dealer or lease company if we want to change vehicles again. Thanks again for your service – BP

… thank you for the wonderful care we received with the lease transfer service AADA leasing provides. It was amazing how quickly our car was noticed and the process was relatively painless. Your advice was greatly appreciated and so was the moral support.

This was the type of lease we needed four years ago. We were unsure of our future and regretted committing to a four year lease. Thanks to AADA we are now “free”! Thanks again.  – K & AR

Your assistance with the AADA Leasing Network has been very appreciated and I will not hesitate to recommend AADA to anyone looking for advice and assistance regarding all aspects of leasing matters. AADA is a professional, well established business in the vehicle leasing market in the greater Ottawa area. –  EB

My experience with AADA was far and away a positive one. Their dealership networking ability spread the word to interested parties which resulted in my vehicle being transferred in the tight timeline I required.AADA’s support went beyond arranging an interested party for the lease transfer, they helped ensure that everything was in place for the actual lease transfer itself.  Excellent, professional service. Many thanks. – AM

The deal is done!…I want to thank you for all of your help… You made it easy and kept it light hearted as we shared some laughs. Thanks again and I will definitely be spreading the good word about AADA Lease Exchange. – LH

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the marketing of my car. Not only were you always on top of things (giving me updates, providing me with new contact and always “promoting” my car) but you were able to find someone to take over my lease in a timely fashion. This was a stress free experience for me and I would recommend it to anybody. Don’t run around, stress out or jump through unnecessary hoops, have Mike do it for you 🙂 – Once again thank you. – DL

Thanks for all your help in getting my lease taken over. I was very satisfied with the service you have provided and I think the concept is a win for both the person looking to get out of a lease and a consumer looking for a car. I was also very impressed with the level of follow up. It was nice to know there was a genuine interest in helping me get out of the lease. Thanks again for your help. – DK

The lease exchange option at AADA turned out to be the best thing I could have done to get out of my lease. It was much less expensive than breaking the lease and made the purchaser happy for getting a good deal. Win, win all around. Thanks for everything – G.

After trying on my own for about a year to sublet my car, when AADA came out with their new lease exchange program, I decided to give it a try.
I had given up on the idea of subletting my car. It just wasn’t working on my own.  It didn’t take long before AADA found a solid prospect which, happily, ended up in a lease transfer. AADA made it easy and simple and I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to do something with their lease. – H.