Get Out Of Your Lease

What if I need to get out of my lease early?

Life happens. You may experience job-transfer, lifestyle change, injury or illness, or a financial set-back.

With AADA Leasing you can always consider ending your lease early. We will work with you to determine if your vehicle can be disposed of for more or less than the remaining contract obligation. Like a loan or finance agreement you owe more at the beginning than at the end of your contract, and the costs to terminate earlier into your lease may also be higher near the beginning of the lease than near the end. Your existing lease contract will clearly identify the terms to calculate any early termination - and we are here to help.

Or you may also transfer your lease to someone else, something not possible with a finance contract without a large tax charge. AADA Leasing has an additional service the AADA Lease Exchange Network to transfer your lease.

Lease Exchange listing includes:

  • Extensive advertising by AADA Leasing in the Ottawa area using a proven suite of targeted online advertising channels ensuring that your listing will be viewed by anyone interested
  • Expert advice on all the details you may not be aware of with your lease
  • Regular updates from AADA Leasing on how many people are viewing your listing and where you can notify us of any changes to your vehicle

AADA Leasing charges a one-time $299 + HST ($337.87) fee to list your vehicle on Lease Exchange. The fee includes your listing, plus the services and counselling by our experts, to help market and advise you on the transfer process, and to answer all queries from the public on your vehicle. You will never receive calls from the public. Our dedicated staff protects you and your contact information until we have a serious prospect for you. We will then contact you with the prospects contact information and continue to support and coach you on how and where to meet and how a transfer will proceed.If you have a Tony Graham Rewards Account you may have a coupon in your Rewards booklet for your first listing at no charge. The coupon needs to be presented at the time of the listing.

Though it is optional, AADA Leasing recommends that all listers purchase a CARPROOF report. A report can either be provided by the lister or can be purchased at AADA Leasing ($39.95 + HST).